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Which is the better option between part-time versus full-time maid?

Managing home stores is a full-time job, and with a busy schedule, it becomes almost impossible. No matter how hard you try to manage things, you still won’t be able to get everything done. It will only cause you stress and you will become frustrated. This is why you should get help from a professional cleaning maid. The maids will take care of your domestic chores so you remain stress-free and enjoy quality time with your family.

When it comes to hiring maids, the first thing you should ask is whether you need a part-time maid or a full-time maid. Both have their perks but the choice depends entirely upon your needs. In this blog, we will discuss the pros and cons of hiring part-time and full-time maids if you can make an informed decision.

What is the difference between part-time and full-time maids?

Part-time maids work for multiple clients at a time and their rates per hour are high due to travel costs. They work around 30 hours per week for a single client.

However, full-time maids work for a single client for about 40 hours per week. Depending upon your needs, you can hire them to live in your house.

Advantages of recruiting a part-time maid

If you are planning to hire a part-time maid, then here is the list of advantages.

  • Productivity
    A part-time maid works for limited hours as compared to a full-time maid. They don’t have the stress of a lot of work which increases their productivity and keeps them focused. They will efficiently complete their task within the stipulated time as they are getting paid on an hourly basis. So, if you want to get your domestic chores done quickly, then hiring a part-time maid is the best option. Get that.
  • Cost-efficient
    Hiring a part-time maid doesn’t cost you much as you only pay for the services you need. The fact that they don’t live with you also saves you from spending additional money.
  • Security
    There are many risks associated with hiring full-time maids. On the other hand, part-time maids work for limited hours which makes it a much safer choice.
  • Privacy
    The major advantage of hiring a part-time maid is privacy As they leave work for a few hours and leave afterward.
  • Trained worker
    Part-time maids are highly skilled and provide quality services up to your expectations. They ensure that all tasks are executed efficiently.

Disadvantages of recruiting a part-time maid

Here are some disadvantages of recruiting a part-time maid Kuala Lumpur:

  • Few skills
    Move out that part-time mate or very professional yet they have limited skills. They can’t handle multiple tasks as they are trained in a particular field.
  • Lack of consistency
    Part-time mates lack consistency because they work for multiple clients and forget about the preferences and demands of each client.
  • Limited availability
    Part-time maids work for particular hours hence you can’t avail of their services once their time is over.

Advantages of recruiting a full-time maid

Following are the advantages of hiring a full time maid Kuala Lumpur.

  • Coherence
    Full-time maids offer consistency as they only work for a single client. They make sure to get their work done according to your expectations.
  • Extensive abilities
    Unlike part-time maids, full-time maids are all-rounders and have the skills to handle multiple chores at a time such as cleaning, cooking, looking after your kids, and much more.
  • Availability
    As full-time mates are living in your house it means that they will be readily available for any task. You can avail of their services 24/7 without any inconvenience.

Disadvantages of recruiting a full-time maid

The drawbacks of hiring a full-time maid are as follows:

  • Security
    Full-time maids are not reliable as many horrific cases have been reported in the past. As they have full access to your home, which means they can engage in criminal acts such as theft, poisoning food, etc.
  • Lack of privacy
    Since full-time maids are always in your house It means that your privacy will be invaded. This will be a big problem for you especially if you value your privacy.
  • Less efficiency
    A full-time maid doesn’t have a time limit to complete the chores, which impacts their productivity and they might become lazy.
  • Long hiring procedures
    Hiring a full-time maid is a long and tedious process that includes signing contracts, interviewing, etc.


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